Spectre Vlog Showcases The New Women In Bond's Life

Monica Bellucci, Lea Seydoux and director Sam Mendes speak.

With the release of Spectre little more than two months away, EON Picture, Sony and MGM have dropped a new Vlog, to help better acquaint you with the film's female contingent. Check it out below. The Vlog gives both Lea Seydoux and Monica Bellucci a chance to gush about the franchise and their collaborators, without giving too much away concerning their roles in Spectre's sure-to-be-twisty framework. A good Bond girl is a key part of any good Bond outing, as some of Daniel Craig's past credits will attest. Eva Green was an absolute scene-stealer in Casino Royale, whilst the disappointing Quantum of Solace can chalk-up Olga Kurylenko's flat turn as one of its critical flaws. Seydoux and Bellucci certainly emanate the ethereal, distrusting beauty that Bond girls are famed for, but whether they can match the complexity of an Eva Green is another matter. They seem to have impressed Sam Mendes though, who'll have to start plugging some serious XX chromosomal gaps following Judi Dench's departure from the series (Now there was a Bond girl!).
So what do you think? They're both certainly exotic and beautiful enough to earn their place in Bond's pantheon of women, but will Bellucci and Seydoux have the weight to rank alongside the like of Honey Rider or Xenia Onatopp? Let us know below.
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