Spider-Man 3: NO Deadpool, But Marvel Want Tom Hardy's Venom

Could Disney be eyeing up Sony's turd in the wind?

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Since Disney picked up Fox's film catalogue and brought Marvel's other guys home, there's been a nagging question relating to one of them. How do you solve a problem like Deadpool?

Most of the Fox characters would be perfect for rebooting, since the Fantastic Four are on ice and the X-Men seem to have petered out a little (partly thanks to Fox's own marketing campaigns for Dark Phoenix and New Mutants) but Deadpool just had two great movies that were both well-received. To reboot him now would be a castatrophe.

Naturally, that's seen lots of speculation on his integration, with a rumour appearing recently that he would be appearing in Spider-Man 3 as one possibility. Given the characters' history together, that would be particularly exciting for fans, but it's apparently not true.


The rumour killer comes courtesy of Marvel's inside man Roger Wardell, who spoiled Endgame and was responsible for some more choice rumours recently on Doctor Strange 2, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 and the Black Knight among others. He says there's no truth in it, but he DOES say that another Spider-Man related character is being lined up for the third movie.

Marvel want Venom in Spider-Man 3.


Now, we've been burned on that front before, but it would be incredible to see Tom Hardy's Venom in the MCU. His movie may have had its issues, but Hardy was great as both sides of the character and the idea of seeing him banter with Tom Holland's Peter Parker is delightful.


Whether it'll happen comes down to whether Sony and Marvel can work out a change to their existing deal (since it's assumed that Disney have to negotiate on individual characters), but that's expected to happen soon anyway to keep Holland and Spidey in the MCU beyond his current commitments.

On top of this news, Wardell says Marvel are very keen on bringing The Walking Dead's David Morrissey into the MCU and are considering what role to give him. Good call, he's great...

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