Spider-Man: Far From Home Set Photos - Mysterio Looks Like Iron Man & Thor's Lovechild

Jake Gyllenhaal is set to play the new MCU villain.

Mysterio Spider-Man Comics
Marvel Comics

We've known for a while now that Jake Gyllenhaal is playing the main villain in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and new set photos and video reveal just what he looks like in costume.

The reveals, which come courtesy of Martin Knap on Twitter, give us our first look at Mysterio's costume in the movie, which includes the gold gloves, red cape, and green body of the comics, although he is missing the trademark fishbowl helmet (for now, at least).



There are definitely some MCU elements at play here, even in the low-quality images, with the costume looking like a blend of Thor and Iron Man (which isn't a bad thing). There hasn't been much official word on Mysterio's presence in the movie, or even Gyllenhaal's involvement, but hopefully with the character now out there a proper first look won't be too far off (it's likely we'll get a trailer before the year is out, if nothing else).

What do you think of Mysterio's costume? Let us know down in the comments.


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