Spider-Man: Homecoming Has A Hidden Batman Easter Egg

Basically, Michael Keaton loves the moon...

Peter Parker Spider Man Batman
Marvel Studios/Warner Bros.

Everyone loves a clever Easter Egg in a comic book movie. They score even higher if they take a little while to find, as Zack Snyder and James Gunn will tell you. Though maybe it also comes with the job loss curse? Strange coincidence that.

ANYWAY, it turns out Spider-Man: Homecoming has one of those delicious hidden morsels that has only just been discovered, and it comes with the added bonus of apparently being a DC reference in a Marvel film. Now, while you put your head back on after it has fallen clean off, it's not entirely unprecedented, but it's still delightfully shocking all the same.

Seemingly, the Marvel film-makers decided to pay homage to star Michael Keaton's past as Batman in one scene in Homecoming when we get to see the Vulture suit in full flight.


Nice and subtle that. Clearly Jon Watts knew what he was doing, since that basically recaptures a shot from Keaton's Batman 1989.


Now, Batman doesn't hold the monopoly on silhouettes in front of the moon, but there's no way this was an accident, given the link between the two movies. And kudos to everyone for getting it in there and going some small way to breaking down the divide that fans like to trumpet so much.

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