Spider-Man: Homecoming - Miles Morales Confirmed In Deleted Scene

The other web-crawler was originally featured.

Miles Morales
Marvel Comics

Big news, Miles Morales fans - it seems that initially there was a much firmer confirmation that the alternate universe Spider-Man is an active character in the MCU in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Before it was taken out in the edit, that is.

One of the Homecoming deleted scenes has appeared online (and been quite swiftly removed), with a more overt reference to the Ultimate Spidey.

The scene - which some are saying is an additional post-credits stinger (or an alternate one that was canned) - sees Donald Glover's Aaron Davis return for another scene after he's left webbed to his own car by Peter Parker. The scene sees him struggling to escape and giving up, instead ringing his nephew to tell him he won't make it to see him, and explicitly calls him Miles.

Whether we will actually get to see Miles in the MCU remains to be seen, since the extent of the rights Sony gave Marvel is also slightly unclear, but it would be incredible to see him make his big screen live-action debut (he's going to appear in the upcoming animated movie of course).

Let's just hope that Marvel can convince Sony to extend the relationship and let us get to a stage where we could have two Spider-Men active in the MCU.

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