Spider-Man: JK Simmons Won't Rule Out Playing J Jonah Jameson Again

Fingers crossed...

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Good news, Spidey fans, the most perfectly cast character in the history of Spider-Man movies - in fact, in comic book movies generally - might actually have a chance of a big screen return.

For all of the crimes committed in The Amazing Spider-Man movies, one of the biggest oversights was bringing back JK Simmons as J Jonah Jameson. He pretty much IS the character, and it's unthinkable that anyone would have replaced him. Even further down the line with Spider-Man: Homecoming setting up a whole new timeline, Simmons remains the best man for the job (assuming Marvel plan to have us meet JJJ in one of the sequels, of course).

When Simmons was cast as Commissioner Gordon in Justice League, it looked like his chance to appear in a Marvel movie in future might have slimmed down considerable, but it seems that it's not an entirely done deal.

According to Simmons, it's definitely still "never say never." He was talking to Entertainment Tonight and revealed how much he enjoyed playing the character:

“I had an amazing time with Sam Raimi and those movies… that was a great, great time and huge for my career and my life and just pure fun.”

He also revealed that “an opportunity to revisit” the character would be very tempting, which is good news for all of us fans. For now, it doesn't look like we'll see Peter Parker join the Daily Bugle for some time, as Marvel want to keep him in school for a little while yet (mirroring the Harry Potter approach to chapter movies). But that might well chance in future, and when it does, they really need to get on the phone to Simmons.

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