Spider-Man: No Way Home: 24 WTF Moments

23. Matt Murdock's Cameo

Spider-Man: No Way Home Tom Holland

It had been intensely rumoured prior to the film's release, and indeed, Daredevil himself, Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) make a brief, single-scene cameo early in the film.

Peter ends up hiring Murdock to help him fight his criminal charges, which Murdock soon reveals haven't stuck.

The scene ends with a brick being thrown through the window of Peter's home, which Murdock quickly catches much to everyone's surprise.

When Peter asks who Murdock is, he brilliantly retorts, "I'm a really good lawyer."

While the cameo wasn't particularly substantial, seeing the most beloved Netflix MCU character pulled into the MCU proper was hugely satisfying, and proof that those Netflix shows haven't been completely obliterated from the canon.


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