Spider-Man: The Progressively Harder Match The Scene To The Movie Quiz

Do you have what it takes to get 100% on this Spider-Man movie quiz? Let's find out!

Spider-Man No Way Home
Marvel Studios

Everyone has their favourite movie Spider-Man!

For many, the ultimate Spider-Man is Toby Maguire and his battles with the Green Goblin. Others love Andrew Garfield as the Amazing Spider-Man who couldn't save the love of his life, Gwen Stacy. The there's Tom Holland's Spider-Man, whose adventures with the Avengers has taken him not only into space but also into the multi-verse.

Each one made Spider-Man their own and fans were given the biggest treat in No Way Home when we had the chance to see all three Spideys team up to defeat their greatest villains. How well do you know all the live-action Spider-Man movies, though? Can you tell a Tom Holland movie from the Amazing Spider-Man movies of Andrew Garfield?

We've come up with the ultimate quiz to test anyone who loves the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. All you have to do is decide which movie did the scene appear. Each question will get progressively more difficult and only the biggest fans of all the films will be able to get every one correct.

Do you have what it takes to get 100% in this Spider-Man movie quiz? Let's find out!

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. Which Movie Did This Scene Appear?


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