Spike Lee talks INSIDE MAN 2...

I enjoyed INSIDE MAN quite a bit, probably Spike Lee's most relaxed and entertaining movie he has yet made. A clever thriller, a nod to the best of the heist movies of the 70's and the news that the sequel is still forthcoming is very exciting for me. Lee who decided against shooting original writer Russell Gerwitz's first draft two years ago to make MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA, updated MTV on what was happening with INSIDE MAN 2, letting us know that the previously discussed plot that saw Clive Owen conducting a diamond heist in New York has since been changed. Though Lee won't tell us what to. He tells the site that HOTEL RWANDA screenwriter Terry George (who took over from Russell Gertwitz) has only just completed the first act of the script...

€œI got an email from Terry George yesterday,€ Lee told us. €œHe just finished€”he€™s at the end of the first act.€
Lee also lets us know that not only will stars Denzel Washington and Clive Owen be back but also Jodie Foster and Chiwetel Eijofor, two of the prominent supporting characters from the original. And when will it start filming?
€œIf the script is up to snuff, we€™ll be shooting it,€ he says. €œHere€™s the thing: if everything lines up€”people€™s schedules are open, late summer, early fall.€
From what I can see, the original draft was too similar to the original and was simply a re-tread of that 2006 movie. We didn't wanna see a carbon copy, I'm interested in seeing what George has come up with for the sequel.

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