Stallone announces THE EXPENDABLES director's cut, wants Bruce Willis as villain for sequel?

The Expendables may have been misunderstood by the critics (including our own Rob Beames, sorry man), but it hit the spot with its target audience, garnering it not only a sequel but according to Sylvester Stallone himself, a director's cut of the film as well! Yup, just when you thought the testosterone-slash-adrenaline-pumped flick couldn't get any "ballsier", Sly bazookas us with this piece of news. So when exactly can we expect to see said version of the film? "In about six months", says Stallone via Twitter. And to keep the buzz alive till then, Stallone said that Inferno, a documentary about the making of The Expendables, will be "out soon". Deadline has more news regarding this documentary, stating that stuff like the time when Sly got his neck cracked by Steve Austin would make it into the cut. Pretty cool if you ask me. Apart from shout-outs to Jean-Claude Van Damme and some weird fitness tips, Stallone also "tweeted" about the inevitable sequel to The Expendables, saying that he's gunning for Bruce Willis to play a villain (lead villain?) in the film, and that he wants it to be set in the most "dangerous places in the world". Ah, but other than hyperactive volcanoes that also home malicious underworld demons, what really defines "dangerous" to a bunch of dudes who thrive on adrenaline rushes and the sweet smell of gunfire? We'll have to wait and see. It wouldn't be surprised if Stallone managed to really pump-up the cast and action for The Expendables 2. I think the man's capable of bringing together a tough(er) cast, although that may seem slightly impossible. Keep checking back for more news on the Director's Cut and Inferno, as we'll be keeping a close eye on Stallone's Twitter account. I still can't get over the fact that guys like Sylvester, Steve Austin,and Hulk Hogan actually....well, "Tweet". They should have a networking tool specifically targeted towards action heroes called "Open Fire" ...or something.
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