Stanley Tucci to take up killer role in The Lovely Bones

Peter Jackson is keeping up his trend of a new movie = working with new actors he has never worked with before. The always great Stanley Tucci is in talks for one of the lead roles in Jackson's next film The Lovely Bones which is to begin shooting in October says The Hollywood Reporter. If negotiations go well, he will be playing the role of George Harvey, the killer and rapist of the 14 year old Susie Salmon (Saoirse Ronan) who is the daughter of characters played by Rachel Weisz and Ryan Gosling. The movie takes place from Susie's point of view as she watches her parents and her killer from up above in heaven. Tucci's work is always of a high standard and to see him as a serial killer should make for some fascinating viewing. At the moment, Jackie Earle Haley owns the paedophile role after his performance in Little Children. Now I haven't read the novel but if it goes to the same depth as that movie did then this is not going to be Jackson's first adult movie since Heavenly Creatures, and will probably delve deeper into darkness than that movie did.

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