Star Trek: 10 Alien Races That Only Appeared Once

9. Vaadwaur

Nibirans Star Trek Into Darkness

If the Swarm were a Big Bad that failed miserably through a broken set up, the Vaadwaur were the breath of fresh air they should have been.

Risen from their ancient slumber, this ancient Delta Quadrant race is set free by Voyager and their return to dominance seems to be set in motion. There are some of the strongest CG sequences of the series on show in this episode; Voyager grounded and a mesmerizing escape sequence through the crumbling Vaadwaur city being just two.

Dragon's Teeth teased the potential awakening of a powerful civilisation and one that remembered the Borg as nothing more than a minor annoyance. The way in which the audience is introduced to them, as they go into stasis at the opening of the show, coupled with Neelix's own memories that Vaadwaur means "foolish" help to create a rounded picture of these aliens in only a short time. While they initially seem submissive it becomes evident that's not the case.

To see the Vaadwaur in action again would have been incredible especially if fans could have experienced the rebuilding of their empire (or could get a hint of it in Discovery?) and see them at full strength.

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