Star Trek 50th Anniversary: 10 Things That Must Happen

A celebration of its past, a GREAT film and a new TV series please...

The internet has been abuzz lately with rumours surrounding the next Star Trek movie. This will be Robert Orci's directional debut, having left the Power Ranger movie reboot to focus on Star Trek. Zachary Quinto has confirmed that he'll be back as Spock with the rest of the crew in six months to start filming the next installment of the franchise. We've recently heard that Seoul in South Korea is being touted as a filming location and now William Shatner looks all but set to return in some capacity. Of course the prospect of a new Star Trek film hitting cinemas in a couple of years is just part of the reason to be excited for 2016. This year also marks a momentous turning point in the franchise as Star Trek celebrates its 50th anniversary. With Doctor Who's 'golden anniversary' still fresh in our minds, the world will be looking to see how Star Trek - an arguably bigger and more successful franchise - celebrates its own big 50. Star Trek may not have the level of success it had in the 1990s, with three TV series and a blockbuster film saga under its belt, but that's not to say it can't strive for that success again. There's a lot of work to be done; fans were not happy with much of the 'Wrath Of Khan' retread that was Star Trek Into Darkness and we haven't had Star Trek on our TV screens for nine years. But if there is any point where the franchise can be big again, then the 50th is absolutely the place to do that. In this article we'll revisit Star Trek's past on the small and big screen, its rich history. We€™ll also take a not-so subtle look at the issues and successes of Doctor Who's own 50th anniversary celebrations as a comparison. Allow us to present ten things that we need to make the 50th anniversary a big success.
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