Star Trek Beyond Trailer Breakdown: 35 Things You Need To See

The Final Fast & Furious Frontier.

Who says Star Wars gets all the attention? Paramount have made the smart decision to bring their first reveal of Star Trek Beyond forward from Wednesday to avoid being squashed like a Chipmunks sequel. Initial thoughts? It's very, very action oriented. To the point where it feels like Justin Lin has made the inevitable leap of taking the Fast & Furious franchise to outer space. Perhaps it's the use of The Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" that skews it? Personally, I'd like to think that's a continuation of the in-joke about William Shatner's inability to say the word, but the way the trailer is cut suggests it's actually just a good choice for the pace. Still, if it means we all get to enjoy this little gem again, then it's somewhat forgiven: Anyway, the trailer is bound to have its detractors - mostly anyone who has ever enjoyed Star Trek as an intelligent sci-fi - but if the later Next Generation films proved anything, it's that Star Trek features die when they get too bogged down with bureaucracy. Let's just hope that this was the trailer that was showing off Lin's addiction to thrill, with more thoughtful teasers coming later... So, what was there to see?

35. €œIs That Music?€

While this may look like Scotty doing some light-hearted assessment work in Engineering and hearing someone turn on a Beastie Boys track, that's clearly not actually the Enterprise. Incidentally, though the musical choice is a nice continuity nod, it immediately dates the trailer in an unhelpful way. Yes, we're supposed to notice that there's something old about the trailer, but this is all just too distracting. And the self-conscious banter is also a little cheesy.

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