Star Trek Into Darkness: 10 Things That Make No Sense


It€™s finally here. After months of drip-fed trailers and clips; smokescreens and speculations about the plot and villain, Star Trek: Into Darkness has been released with mixed to positive reviews.

Star Trek: Into Darkness has been anticipated by most people since the credits started rolling at the end of the 2009 reboot. Who is the villain going to be? Will the writers use the Original Series for inspiration for their story or will they take the franchise in a new direction? Will we see any familiar faces from the original Star Trek? These are some of the questions that fueled the build-up for what is going to be one of the biggest releases of 2013.

But for all the excitement, the nagging reminder that the 2009 film was far from perfect would not disappear. Some long-term fans remained skeptical about the sequel after despising the direction JJ Abrams took the series they loved. His Star Trek is very different from the one people are used to.

It is much better film than the 2009 movie and it's something that you need to watch in IMAX 3D. However, it's also not the amazing second coming that some may be expecting, it has many of the problems that plagued the 2009 reboot So looking beyond the hype, here is a breakdown on everything that made no sense in Star Trek: Into Darkness. It goes without saying that this will contain some MAJOR SPOILERS, so it might be a good idea to watch the film first before reading this analysis.

If you are ready, press €˜Next€™ and let€™s see if Star Trek: Into Darkness was worth the wait.


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