Star Trek Into Darkness: New Images & Empire Magazine Covers

Star-Trek-Into-Darkness-Screenshot-Into-Darkness-Logo Had enough of watching the two teaser trailers for Star Trek Into Darkness, trying to gather as much information as you can? Paid to go see 9mins of footage before being disappointed by The Hobbit? Well, if you want more Into Darkness tasty tid-bits, Empire magazine has managed to get hold of some exclusive pics that show you some stuff but tell you nothing about the film...and just in time for Christmas too. We see lots of worry and concern on the crews faces, especially Uhura who has it down to a fine art, it all signifies the darker mood of the 12th Star Trek movie. We see Spock in the volcano which made up part of the the 9min sneak preview and a nice pic of Kirk talking to Pike. The most interesting shot is of Chris Pine being directed by JJ Abrams as he crouches by what looks like a Shuttlecraft. Anyone picking up a copy of Empire magazine will have to choose from two diffrent collectors covers. One that will be a hit with the ladies is of Benedict Cumberbatch in handcuffs looking sinister, the other is of Kirk doing a great Jack Reacher impression. Actually the Kirk shot is very non-Star Trek and another sign of how far removed from traditional Star Trek, JJ Abrams version is. You can see the photos from Empire magazine below and Star Trek Into Darkness opens May 2013. startrekempire1startrekempire2startrekempire5startrekempire6startrekempire7startrekempire8startrekempire9startrekempire10startrekempire11startrekempire12startrekempire13startrekempire14startrekempire15
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