Star Trek: Ranking Every Starfleet Uniform Worst To Best

15. Star Trek: The Original Series ("The Cage")

Star Trek Kirk McCoy Scotty

In keeping with the more subdued, "cerebral" tone of "The Cage", William Ware Theiss' inaugural Starfleet uniforms are muted progenitors of what would become Star Trek's most famous look.

Appearing various shades of tan and blue on screen, Theiss' first uniforms were actually lime green, gold, and blue sweater-like tunics bearing an early version of the famous Starfleet insignia. These uniforms would go on to appear in the second pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and show up in the background and in flashbacks in various TOS episodes, but are more or less forgotten by the franchise in favor of the more recognizable TOS uniforms seen in "Charlie X" forward.

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