Star Trek's Brent Spiner Returns For Independence Day 2

The eccentric Dr. Brackish will return for next summer's belated sequel.

Roland Emmerich continues to put together the ensemble cast for his expensive, epic sequel to Independence Day 2. The two latest names to join the dramatis personae are Brent Spiner, who appeared in the original film as Dr. Brackish Okun, and Joey King, who wasn't even born back then. Who King is playing, I don't know, but because of her age, she's almost certainly going to be a new character. A few more years and she might have been candidate for Patricia Whitmore, the Presidents daughter and a key player this time around. I don't know why Emmerich just hasn't booked Mae Whitman to reprise that role, anyway. Maybe Fox think the star of The DUFF is just too U and F for their tentpole - which would be insane on multiple fronts. The plot of Independence Day 2 sees the aliens return two decades on, when Earth has had chance to prepare. King's character could be an interesting part of this set up, being a youngster too young to have ever known a pre-invasion world. Production starts in May and we can look forward to seeing Independence Day 2 in our cinemas next July. Of course. source - twitter
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