Star Wars: 10 Awesome Ideas Disney Must Include In Episode X

Hordes of fanatical aliens with no allegiance to the force? Yes please.

Kylo Kid

The future of Star Wars is shrouded in mystery. The whole approach to revive the franchise seems to have swung away from the many planned movies that have been teased, announced, and shelved over the years. Instead, Disney is pushing the series format.

But that's not to say we won't get more movies down the line. We know Rogue Squadron is still happening, as well as a mystery Taika Waititi movie. But the Rian Johnson trilogy announced way back in 2017, seems to have been stalled. No doubt Episode X will come along at some point, but as of yet nothing is certain.

A new trilogy could go in any direction. It all depends on how Disney will proceed. By now, they know the mass-consensus on the sequels, and they will likely do everything they can to sooth the wounds left by them.

Although a complete redo of the sequels would be welcomed by the more fanatical fans, that's not likely to happen. Chances are the current leading hands in the Star Wars universe, Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau, will attempt to course correct some of the more confusing plot points.

While we wait for more news, why not indulge in some of the many ways a new Star Wars trilogy might kick-off.

10. The World Between Worlds

Kylo Kid

For some years there has been talk about how Jon Favreau and Davie Filoni will retcon certain aspects of the sequels. They're already shoring up some of the weaker plot points in Mandolorian and The Book of Boba, and the upcoming Ahsoka series will likely do the same.

But there's plenty going on in the animated world that also hints at what a new trilogy might entail. In Star Wars Rebels, Dave Filoni introduced us to the World Between Worlds. It's a magical plane within the Force that allows access to different points in time and space. Already I can hear you groaning, "Time travel in Star Wars? f*ck that!" The last thing people want is for Star Wars to turn into Marvel, where essentially anything is possible.

But as Dave Filoni has stressed, this concept is not intended as a means to alter the past, it's more about obtaining knowledge. This could be a great concept to explore further, if done correctly. The World Between Worlds could be used as an opportunity to explain certain things that didn't make sense in the sequels, setting up a solid foundation for a new trilogy.


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