Star Wars: 10 Brilliant Changes George Lucas Made To His Saga

10. Expanding Cloud City


Let€™s kick off with a rather simple change that helps improve the tone of one of the Original Trilogy's stand out locations. The 1997 Special Edition turned the previously white walled and enclosed Cloud City into a wide windowed and sprawling sky metropolis that finally didn't look like the Tantive IV from the opening of A New Hope In 1980 green screen in its current form was a far off dream. Matte paintings could be used to create vast fantasy environments, but there were many issues in compositing them that created strict limitations when actors or even movement was involved (more on that later). Now, with changes in day and the constant presence of clouds in the background, not only does it feel like Lando owns a city and not just a corridor, but it helps reaffirm the juxtaposition of these dark events happening at what is essentially a made-made heaven. Many of the attempts to broaden the world for the Special Editions, including the thriving, distinctly un-scum and villainous Mos Eisley, failed miserably, but here€™s one case where it was a resounding success.

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