Star Wars: 10 Greatest Sith Lords You'll Never Forget


Over the hundreds of thousands of years that the Sith have existed, countless individuals have risen to become Sith Lords, numerous Lords have risen and brought darkness to the galaxy only to be thwarted by the hated Jedi Order and heroes of the Republic. They are the villains, but they are as important as the heroes - without darkness there can be no light... But who is the greatest Sith ever? I've done a fair bit of research, I re-read the books I owned, I watched the movies and I played the games, and after all that I've finally been able to compile what I think is a good list of the 10 Greatest Sith ever to have lived. Although this list is my opinion those mentioned are truly some of the greatest force users in the Star Wars universe and I'm sorry if any of your favourites didn't make the cut.

10. Darth Vader

vader12 Every Star Wars fan is aware of Darth Vader, he is the dark face of the Star Wars movies and one of the greatest sci-fi characters ever created. I can imagine some of the more die-hard fans will be wondering why Vader doesn't top the list with reasoning like "But he has the highest midi-chlorian count!" Well, though this is true I couldn't help but feel that Vader never realized his true potential, and I put this down to the fact he was the Emperor's puppet after his fall to the Sith. Were he ever to become more powerful than the Emperor he would be a threat thus he was kept from being as powerful as he was destined to be. If it were not for Palpatine's involvement in turning Anakin to the dark side he may have well became the most powerful force user ever to have existed.
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