Star Wars: 10 Huge Problems No One Wants To Admit About The Jedi

The Jedi have more in common with the Empire than people realise...


After their initial portrayal as benevolent monks come samurai come priests in the Original Trilogy, subsequent Star Wars media began to expand the mythos behind the Jedi Order, some Clone Wars episodes and The Last Jedi even explicitly acknowledging the problems the Jedi cause.

But as early as the Prequels and after some initial concern about Lucas' new direction for an Order which had previously served as a manifestation of pure goodness, fans began to appreciate the nuances Lucas introduced into the franchise, speculating that maybe the Jedi weren't that great after all.

From kidnapping children to sticking their unelected fingers into secular politics, from their shockingly efficient skills at commanding armies to their insistence of the inherent malevolence of human emotion, it is clear that the Jedi's regime of suppression and indoctrination actually caused the galaxy more harm than good.

Keepers of peace and justice they might well have once been, but as Luke acknowledged in The Last Jedi, the Order's hubris led to the creation of Darth Vader and contributed to the fall of the Republic.

Having set the stage for no less than three major conflicts, it's clear the Jedi weren't all they were cracked up to be...

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