Star Wars: 10 Massive Plot Holes The Prequels Stupidly Created

Let the hate flow through you.


I saw Star Wars in a very odd order. Only watching The Phantom Menace when the print of Yellow Submarine I was meant to be watching didn'€™t turn up, I didn't see any of the other films until Attack Of The Clones hit in 2002. It was only after this better instalment that I finally saw the originals (thankfully in order, although knowing the big twist), culminating, along with everyone else, with Revenge Of The Sith. Out all the possible (popular) orders (I-VI, IV-III, IV-V-I-II-III-VI), this is not one I€™d recommend.

Because I saw the films with no conceivable chronology, many of the odd additions Lucas retroactively made to the franchise went over my head; Anakin as a kid, the Jedi as an order of monks, Darth being a Sith title (and the notions of Sith at all). But as time went on and I rewatched the films with a more critical eye, my naivety lessened. The prequels weren't as much tying up loose ends, but extending the overall life of the franchise. It became clear there were numerous discrepancies between the two trilogies, with George Lucas seemingly forgetting much of what he€™'s done decades earlier.

In this list we bring you ten major Star Wars plot holes that were created solely by the prequels. These aren€™'t the self contained ones (like an army being created for Republic despite there being no way of them knowing about it or the clones attacking the ship the one person they€™re there to save is on) but events in the prequels that creative massive continuity errors given what we know from the originals.

I'€™d just like to clarify that I do enjoy the Star Wars prequels. They€™re very well functioning blockbusters that have good action, wide scope and tell an interesting story. They do have many weaknesses, some of which are addressed here, but don'€™t at any point think this is simple prequel-bashing; it'€™s more opening up the faults of their plotting.


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