Star Wars: 10 Most Powerful Dark Side Force Users

The Dark Side is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural (and badass).


Whilst the Jedi Order were guardians of peace throughout the galaxy for thousands of years, the Sith were quietly plotting against them.

Giving us some of the most iconic characters in the entire Skywalker Saga, the Dark Side spawned truly fearsome opponents for our beloved heroes to battle against.

Typically wielding blood-red lightsabers and showcasing some devastatingly awesome Force abilities, the enemies throughout the Star Wars universe proved themselves as strong as the Light Side users, and sometimes even stronger.

Though the Jedi vowed never to use their powers for personal gain, and were taught to be unattached (as fear of loss leads to the Dark Side), the Sith were trained that through chaos they would gain control.

From creating an Empire, to hunting down Jedi, to hurling lightsabers and unleashing bursts of electricity, the Dark Side users have demonstrated their power for years. But it's not only the Sith who can use the Dark Side of the Force.

Whilst there have been many powerful dark-siders throughout the Skywalker Saga, The Clone Wars, and Rebels, only a handful are the absolute most powerful.

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