Star Wars: 10 Most Powerful Female Characters

Even a galaxy far, far away needs Girl Power.

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A long time ago... George Lucas gifted the world his vision: Star Wars and the franchise has grown exponentially since 1977 encompassing movies, TV series, books, games and just about every conceivable piece of merchandise designed to appeal to the broadest audience imaginable.

Accessing such a vast audience demographic comes courtesy of literally having something for everyone and remaining mercifully clear of scrutiny from notions of prejudice - chief among them being sexism and the franchise can never be accused of such a thing thanks to the plethora of strong, heavily developed female characters present throughout.

Bold decisions have been made by Lucasfilm, Disney and the expanded universe down the years to step well away from 'damsel in distress' stories and give the ladies amongst the cast just as many opportunities to kick ass as their male counterparts.

Canon or non-canon, the strongest females in the Star Wars universe are fast becoming some of the greatest characters many have ever seen, but who amongst them is the strongest?

10. Ahsoka Tano

Rey Star Wars

The introduction of Ahsoka Tano as Anakin Skywalker's apprentice in the animated 'Clone Wars' film and subsequent TV series raised a few eyebrows amongst fans as Skywalker's status as a Jedi Knight during the conflict wouldn't have canonically seen him being permitted to take a Padawan.

However, the concerns soon dissipated as Ahsoka became an integral part of the Clone Wars series and almost humanised the previously awkward, wooden Anakin portrayed by Hayden Christensen in the main film series.

A member of the Jedi Order from the age of 3, having been discovered by Master Plo Koon, Ahsoka displayed an incredible grasp of the Force throughout the Clone Wars series and her unique lightsaber combat stance made for some awesome set pieces throughout.

The character is still present within the franchise, despite leaving the Jedi Order prior to the events of Revenge of the Sith, and was a magnificent addition to the Rebels TV series - she even survived a duel with Darth Vader and is tipped to appear in the second series of The Mandalorian as a live action character for the first time.

The Force is strong with this one, for certain.

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