Star Wars: 10 Nonsensical Changes In Various Special Editions

10. Jabba the Hutt (A New Hope)

jabba4 It€™s one of the best known bits of Star Wars trivia: while shooting the original Star Wars (or A New Hope, as we€™re apparently supposed to call it), George Lucas shot a scene between Han Solo and the fearsome smuggling kingpin Jabba the Hutt, using Irish actor Decan Mulholland. Mulholland was never meant to be anything more than a stand-in; the idea was to replace Mulholland with (probably) a stop motion creature, before a combination of time and budget constraints made completing the scene impossible. While it must€™ve come as a disappointment to Lucas back in 1977, being forced to cut the Jabba scene turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Removing Jabba€™s appearance in A New Hope created a greater sense of anticipation over the course of the trilogy, until he finally appeared on screen in Return of the Jedi; in addition, the scene itself proved to be little more than filler €“ we learn the exact same information in this scene that we already learned in Han's cantina sit down with Greedo. Hell, Han even uses the same line in both scenes (€œLook Jabba, even *I* get boarded sometimes €“ you think I had a choice?€). It€™s an unessecary piece of exposition in a pretty tight screenplay, and it€™s for the best that it was excised in the 1977 release. So when Lucas added the scene back in for the 1997 special edition, it played as simply wasted screen time. Above and beyond, all this is the fact that the CGI Jabba looks terrible. He looked terrible in the 1997 special edition release, and he looked slightly-less-but-still-terrible in the 2004 DVD version. A number of the CGI additions to A New Hope, like more involved scenes in the Death Star dogfight, were beautifully executed; so why was the biggest CGI challenge in the special edition handed to LucasFilm€™s janitors?
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