Star Wars: 10 Obscure Movie Secrets That Took Years To Discover

Homer Simpson was a clone trooper?

Star Wars Attack of the Clones Homer Simpson

Easter eggs and hidden details in media date back almost to the start of cinema. Alfred Hitchcock was famed for his cameo appearances in a confirmed 36 movies, but pretty soon the idea of hiding things in films expanded far beyond a director loitering in the background of a scene.

Sine then, Easter eggs have became such a large part of movie culture, that an entire film was made about the premise - Ready Player One (2018).

In this day and age, moviegoers have never been more on the ball when it comes to picking up hidden messages, secrets, or other references squirrelled away in their favourite films. With the ability to pause, rewind, and zoom in on scenes, movie detectives have all the tools required to uncover even the most subtle of hidden gags. With countless online forums, knowledge has never been more freely shared, giving the most scrupulous film nerds the ability to flex their knowledge of cinema.

Although the amount of hidden Star Wars secrets are too long to count at this point, these are the ones that took a surprisingly long time to be unearthed.

10. Confirming E.T.'s Link To The Star Wars Galaxy

Star Wars Attack of the Clones Homer Simpson

For many years George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have hidden references to one another's movies in their own films. Indiana Jones is famed for its many nods to Star Wars, but when Spielberg released E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) fans of Star Wars became ecstatic with the implications of a particular scene. In a moment that saw E.T. seeming to recognise Yoda - actually a kid dressed up - E.T. exclaims the word "Home!". Did this mean E.T. was from the Star Wars galaxy, or was it just a bit of fun?

Well, In 1999 Lucas continued to fan the theory's flames. During the senate scene in the Phantom Menace he included a group of aliens that looked all too familiar. In Legends the alien senator that appeared in Coruscant was given the name "Grebleips", which is Spielberg spelt backwards. Again, this could just be another inside joke between two of cinema's greats.

The premise was expanded further when HoloNet News was launched before the release of the Attack of the Clones (2002). The website included a number of in-universe articles and press releases about the goings on in the galaxy. Among them was a story that stated the Asogians (E.T.'s species) had funded an expedition to another galaxy, thus explaining how E.T. ended up on Earth, and confirming the link between the two films.


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