Star Wars: 10 Reasons Han Solo Spin-Off Is A Great Idea

hansolo_sb_lgtout When it was announced that Disney had bought the Star Wars franchise and were going to milk it for what it was worth, a collective scream of agony rung out from the global fan base louder and more volatile on the ears than Vader's mournful screams at the end of Episode 3. Do not want, indeed. But once a few tantalizing morsels of information seeped through the cracks of Disney's iron fortitude of secrets, some people found themselves withdrawing such threats as building a replica Death Star to blow up Disneyland, or finding out how exactly to force choke George Lucas into taking Star Wars back. Soon the massive rift between the apprehensive fans and excited fans took an all time high, far greater than even that of the Prequel trilogy. Suddenly, out of the blue came a piece of information few people expected, but many relished the idea of; finally, the most loved characters were getting spin offs. These were to be no Ewok Adventures either, but fully fledged kick-ass Star Wars films featuring only the best characters. Who better to start this legacy than Boba Fett and, perhaps best of all, the rugged space cowboy Han Solo? It goes without saying for fans of the series that the scruffy looking nerf herder himself is the prime candidate for a spin off film, and now that this dream of many a Solo fanboy is finally coming true, let's take a look at why exactly Han is the best plan.

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