Star Wars: 10 Reasons Return Of The Jedi Isn't As Perfect As You Remember

Sacrilege? No, just sensible.

Mark Hamil Return Of The Jedi

Two sagas, two stand-alone films, and four TV series later, The Original Trilogy is still upheld as the untouchable benchmark for Star Wars media. Fans of the Prequel and Sequel movies may have made many convincing arguments for why their favourite trilogy reigns supreme, but the general consensus remains that nothing has come remotely close to the greatness of the first three movies.

And of course, the general consensus is right -- well, mostly.

After the sheer escapism of the original Star Wars and the dark drama of the indisputably brilliant The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi is an underwhelming conclusion to a promising trilogy.

Not only is Jedi just plain dull at times, it also introduced to the franchise everything fans hate, from silly children’s characters to rehashed storylines, and everything in between. Despite some undoubtedly brilliant scenes (the final confrontation is the best in the Saga), In retrospect, Jedi chiefly seems like an ominous prediction of what Star Wars would morph into over the coming decades: a corporate machine which put marketability over entertainment, well-established formulae over original storytelling.

Here are the 10 reasons Return of the Jedi is WORSE than you remember...


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