Star Wars: 10 Reasons The Galactic Empire Wasn't As Bad As Everyone Thinks

That awkward moment when Luke finds out he had it all wrong.

The Galactic Empire have had to deal with something of a bad image since Star Wars was first released in 1977, but that€™s what happens when you lack a PR guy to tell you not to make Darth Vader the public face of government. Of course, it could also have something to do with the huge Imperial Navy, relentless brutality and the use of super weapons like the Death Star, too. None of these actions are particularly virtuous, of course, and it is understandable as to why so many believe that the Empire was evil... but if you look deeper, it's possible to see past those first impressions. Examining the Empire closely, it becomes clear that - instead of an inherently bad government - you can actually see a group of people who are trying to do their best for the good of the entire galaxy. You can view their actions in a much more positive light - in fact, many of the decisions they made actually make sense. After all, if you look at what the Empire replaced in the Old Republic and the Jedi, you start to realise just how hurtful those organisations were for the general population. In some ways, the Empire can seem like the much better option and there are some really strong reasons for why they were not as bad as they have been made out...

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