Star Wars: 10 Secrets Behind The Death Star You Didn't Know

The Empire's most terrifying weapon is filled to the brim with fascinating facts...

Death Star II Return of the Jedi

Fewer sights could be more terrifying than seeing a moon-sized spaceship gently appearing over the horizon before charging up a laser capable of destroying the entire planet you're standing on.

The Death Star stands tall among all military weapons fact and fiction in both its sheer size and its destructive power. We saw the spherical super-weapon annihilate Jeddha City, decimate the Imperial Base on Scariff and eviscerate the planet of Alderaan. If it hadn't been for a convenient, domino-effect, whole-system-goes-down exhaust port, the galaxy may have had no choice but to bow down at the might of the Death Star

After it's appearance (and then subsequent disappearance) in the 1977 original film, Star Wars fans had to wait 39 years to see more of the awesome space station at work, but a few lesser known facts about the Death Star have surfaced in that time...

10. Home To Almost Two Million People

Death Star II Return of the Jedi

Though the ship's original manifest was lost with its destruction, the Death Star Technical Companion book (pre-Disney-takeover) tells us that the Death Star was allegedly home to two million crew and personnel. This included members of the imperial army, support staff and their family members.

Having families live on board meant that resident's lives were better, which maybe is a sign that the Empire weren't as brutal as we maybe thought. Though much more likely is that this was used to quell any distention in ranks and maybe even a source of leverage over any outspoken employees.

Even with the population of a small country aboard, there was actually room for a billion people!


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