Star Wars: 10 Secrets Of Cloud City You Need To Know

Who is Lobot and what is his connection to Cloud City?

star wars cloud city

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back introduced a fascinating new landscape by the name of Cloud City. Located above the gargantuan gas giant Bespin, this ten-mile wide colony serves as the central base for Baron Administrator, Landonis Balthazar Calrissian. (Yes, his middle name is "Balthazar". You learn something new every day.)

Even though Cloud City played an integral part in the plot, the floating territory has scarcely appeared since. It's shown up in video games, animated series, and novels but Cloud City has remained absent from the other Star Wars movies, which is surprising after four decades.

Nevertheless, viewers are still fascinated by this towering outpost and the secrets that it harbours. Since Cloud City has Ugnaughts, cyborgs, and people with ice-cream makers lurking in the background (no, really), there is no question that there's more going on in this hovering territory than it seems.

Even if you've seen all the Star Wars films umpteen times and feel like you know the franchise inside-out, there might be a couple of interesting tidbits you missed about the city hovering among the clouds of Bespin.

10. What Is Cloud City Exactly?

star wars cloud city

Cloud City resides on a gas giant called Bespin in the Anoat sector. Since this planet is similar to Jupiter, you'd think it is the last place in the cosmos where life could thrive. But as the Star Wars franchise proves, there is no world where people aren't eager to set up civilisation. (I mean, people live on Mustafar even though it's a ball of lava.)

Despite the fact the planet isn't solid, Bespin is a hotspot for the elite since it naturally produces one of the most desirable resources in the galaxy - tibanna gas. Because tibanna is the central component for hyperspace travel, space weaponry, and repulser technology, it's coveted by virtually everyone.

When the tibanna miners discovered there was a breathable atmosphere 36,000 miles above Bespin's core, a habitable base was constructed there called Cloud City. Lando hoped to govern the city without any interference from the Empire.

But when Imperials found the planet and discovered it was mining trillions of tons of tibanna gas, they immediately took over the city, hoping to use its resources to advance the Empire.

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