Star Wars: 10 Simple Ways The Empire Could Have Won

10. Do Unto Endor What They Already Did Unto Kashyyyk


Did they just not know about the Ewoks or did the Empire consider their undersized neighbors too primitive and stupid looking to care? If you're a huge Star Wars fan, then you probably already know that the Empire invaded the forest planet of Kashyyyk after the Clone Wars. Marching through dense forests with trees that were several hundreds of feet tall and as wide around as krayt dragons, they stalked and captured the Wookie race, putting most of them into captivity. Keep in mind, these are Wookies we're talking about - seven foot foot tall sasquatches that you really don't want to make mad. "New strategy R2, let the Wookie win," because otherwise he might rip your arms off in frustration, right C-3PO? If only the Empire had just taken that kind of initiative on Endor and had captured all the Ewoks, then the Rebels would have gotten smoked when they tried to blow up the bunker and history would have taken a very different turn that day.
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