Star Wars: 10 Things Colin Trevorrow's Episode 9 Script Did Better Than The Rise Of Skywalker

A painful look at what could have been.


The Rise Of Skywalker, desperately trying to course-correct The Last Jedi, ended up being the worst film in the entire Skywalker Saga.

Originally intended to be written and directed by Colin Trevorrow, JJ Abrams -- director of The Force Awakens -- took the helm after Disney fired Trevorrow, allegedly unhappy over the poor reception of his recent film, The Book Of Henry.

But, after the script for Trevorrow's tantalisingly titled Duel Of The Fates was leaked online, fans began speculating that he was in fact removed from the project for an entirely different reason.

Though the script would have had to undergo considerable changes before shooting -- a number of scenes centred around Carrie Fisher's General Leia would have been impossible to shoot after the late star's untimely passing -- the story just seemed superior to what we got in The Rise Of Skywalker, mainly because it didn't spend half its runtime retconning The Last Jedi.

Penned before the release of Episode VIII, Disney didn't know how that fated film would be received, and its divisive response must have shocked the studio. Not wanting to damage the franchise's legacy any further, Disney decided to play it safe by bringing JJ Abrams, master of nostalgia-fuelled pop adventures, back on board.

Jettisoning Trevorrow's vision of a true sequel to the most Marmite movie in the franchise, Disney attempted to please all fans (especially a vocal minority), and ended up with a mess of a movie that pleased no one at all. But oh, what could have been ...


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