Star Wars: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Chewbacca

Chewbacca actually got his much-deserved medal long before The Rise of Skywalker...

Star Wars Chewbacca claws

Is there a more iconic sidekick in movie history than the mountain of loveable fur that is Chewbacca? The correct answer is of course not, you scruffy lookin' nerf herder!

But even with the fiercely loyal best pal of Han Solo being one of the most recognisable faces ever to grace the Star Wars franchise, it's safe to say that most folks don't really know an awful lot about this ever-present Wookiee hero.

Sure, the average Star Wars fan is aware that the brave Rebel and Resistance fighter hails from Kashyyyk, and isn't the biggest fan of losing. However, you probably didn't realise that Chewie almost sported some rather bizarre threads, and actually picked up his well-deserved medal earlier than you thought.

And so, after years of happily supporting his heroic Jedi, smuggler, and princess friends in various wars and missions, it's finally time for the legendary Chewbacca to take centre stage.

From secret abilities he was forbidden to use in battle, to what actually went into the creation of his unmistakable growl and furry look, these are all of the things you likely never knew about the eventual pal of the Porgs...

10. He Was Nearly Forced To Wear A Pair Of Lederhosen

Star Wars Chewbacca claws

Before he eventually debuted in A New Hope back in 1977, Chewbacca went through quite a few different looks in the development stage.

The great Ralph McQuarrie's early concept art showed off a version of the eventual Wookiee that resembled an unsettling lemur/ape hybrid, with those sketches eventually evolving into the less terrifying version of Chewie fans know and love today.

And it was after star Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who had a cameo in The Last Jedi) posted some of these early draft images on Twitter that Mark Hamill delivered a "FUN FACT" via a retweet that initially sounded too surreal to be true.

According to the Luke Skywalker superstar, 20th Century Fox execs were a little concerned about Chewie's lack of pants while the team were in the early stages of shooting the first Star Wars. In fact, they were so bothered about a naked Wookiee onscreen that they even suggested throwing him into a pair of lederhosen!

So, a pair of family members being burned to a crisp was just fine. But a furry alien wandering around in only a bandolier was oddly a cause for concern?

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