Star Wars: 10 Things You Never Knew About Mace Windu

Find out what Samuel L Jackson demanded for his role.

Mace Windu Purple

Mace Windu is best known for one thing - Sam Jackson played him, and you may think that’s the most interesting thing about this enigmatic Jedi Master. Look, you’re not wrong to find Sam Jackson interesting, but there’s a lot more to Windu than who played him and his purple lightsaber.

Not only was Windu one of the most powerful Jedi of his time, but he was also the most devoted to his cause. Windu wasn’t without his quirks though. He spent much of his life battling his darker emotions, and he might have had more in common with Anakin Skywalker than he cared to acknowledge.

And there’s the matter of his lightsaber, which is purple and of course purple is universally known to be the coolest color. That’s a scientific fact. Oh, and there's his and Yoda’s staunch, unbending view on the Force that may have led to the fall of the Republic, destruction of the Jedi, and rise of the evil Galactic Empire. So, there’s that.

And that's not all you need to know about him...

10. He Almost Killed A Fellow Jedi

Mace Windu Purple
Marvel Comics

Controlling what Windu considered to be his negative emotions were a challenge for the Jedi Master into adulthood. Nothing upset Windu more than a fellow Jedi betraying their ideals. This was because, more than almost any other Jedi, Windu was devoted to maintaining the way of the Jedi.

So, it’s not a surprise that Windu felt incredibly challenged when he learned that one of his fellow Jedi had betrayed the order. This was way before Anakin Skywalker sent Windu sailing out of a senate office window like an electrified hacky sack.

Early in the Clone Wars, Windu was sent to investigate a planet called Hissrich. Part of Windu’s team was a young Jedi name Prosset Dibs. Dibs was concerned about the role the Jedi played in the Clone Wars. He believed that the war had contaminated Jedi doctrine and he confronted Windu with his concerns.

Windu was having none of it, though, and the two eventually found themselves in the midst of a duel. Windu ended the fight by Force pushing Dibs to the ground. For a brief moment, Windu contemplated murdering Dibs then and there, such was his anger for those he considered to be traitors.

But, as always, Windu’s better nature won out, and the Master arrested Dibs so he could stand trial.


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