Star Wars: 10 Ways The Last Jedi Gets Better On Second Watch

Hate is the path to the dark side. It's time to let go of it...


Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit cinema screens across the globe back in December and, although the critics gave it a huge thumbs up, large sections of the audience reacted far less enthusiastically. Disney’s second instalment of the new trilogy was expected to be the same huge hit as the Force Awakens but, in hindsight, has only served to anger an already tempermental fanbase.

However, now that the film is available on home release, it’s time to sit down and watch it again. And, if you choose to give Rian Johnson’s ambitious blockbuster another shot, you genuinely won’t be disappointed.

Sure, The Last Jedi is heavily flawed, but so are all the other Star Wars films. Even the original trilogy – something that Luke Skywalker would no doubt describe as ‘sacred texts’ – was guilty of corniness, risky decisions and ambitious storytelling, not to mention some really, really poor scripting. And they've grown into beloved movies that transcend usual fandom.

And if you sit down and give the newest movie another shot, you will notice some fantastic things that you did not necessarily pick up on the first time around…


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