Star Wars: 30 Breathtaking Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Amazing photos from the classic sci-fi series you need to see.

Star Wars Behind the Scenes

Of any science fiction franchise, Star Wars is by far the most internationally iconic. Such is its impact, that even tales of the films' production have entered the realm of popular culture. From Lucas' infamous hatred of everything before post-production, to the incredible breakthroughs in film special effects, the saga of the original Star Wars trilogy is made up of far more than just the finished products.

Much of Star Wars has become deeply embedded in modern popular culture, particularly in the United States. Phrases such as, "may the force be with you" and "evil empire" will be familiar even with those that haven't sat down and watched the films. Specific characters such as Darth Vader and Yoda are almost certainly going to be instantly familiar to even the most Star Wars illiterate.

This list takes a look at 30 incredible Star Wars behind-the-scenes photos, primarily from the original trilogy. From candid cast moments to amazing shots of the special effects team in action, each of these photos are a total delight to any fans of the movies. Bonus points if you can spot the singular photo from the prequel films!

Hint: there's a lot of green.


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