Star Wars' Huge Success Could Mean Spaceballs 2 Finally Happens

Dark Helmet's return?

Spaceballs Darth Helmet

There used to be a saying that you couldn't count yourself popular unless someone was spoofing you. For a while there, Hollywood took this mantra as the foundation for lots of releases, and while the more modern slew of movies in the vein of A Haunted House, Superhero Movie and Scary Movie were unfunny abominations, when Mel Brooks was writing them, it was a great time.

Brooks made some incredible satires and genre spoofs - including Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein and Robin Hood: Men In Tights - and arguably the most famous came in the shape of Spaceballs, the Star Wars parody that remains the best parody of George Lucas' franchise ever made.

And now it seems we might finally be getting the sequel fans have wanted for years. Speaking at a special screening of Young Frankenstein (as reported by NJPAC) Brooks said that the modern resurgence of Star Wars fandom has made the sequel far more likely:

“Well, you know, I’m doing it. MGM is slightly interested in doing it because of the new Star Wars…They think maybe, so we’re talking.”

Given the cult that has grown around the original, this can only be counted as good news. There would obviously have to be some cast changes: Brooks might play Yoghurt again, but it's unlikely Rick Moranis would return as Dark Helmet, since he's retired - though Brooks confirmed in the Q+A that he was keen to bring him back. And of course John Candy, Joan Rivers and Dick Van Patten have all sadly died since the film's release.


Still, with Brooks writing, it would likely still be a great thing. Whether he'd persist with an old plan to call it Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money remains to be seen, but you'd have to hope for.

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