Star Wars 7: 6 Perfect Casting Rumours (And Who They Could Play)

Is the Force strong enough with these actors?

Fassbender Star Wars Since the announcement to end all Hollywood announcements was made back in late 2011, Star Wars enthusiasts have had little to no details in regards to what they can expect with the next saga in a galaxy far, far away. As May 4th draws closer (Star Wars Day to those not in the know), fans anxiously await some form of news involving Star Wars Episode VII: The Phantom Mystery. If there was a day on the calendar in which fans got some of the first tidbits related to the new film, this could be it. Filming and plot details have been extremely hard to come by with very little substance available other than countless rumours surrounding the original cast returning and when the story will take place. Up to this point, the only confirmed returning cast member is R2-D2. Eventually Abrams and company will open up about details surrounding the film but at this point everything is still speculation. Countless casting rumours that have hammered the Internet are all up for debate as no confirmations have been made. It is widely believed that the Star Wars Expanded Universe (EU) will be redefined if not all but forgotten in the wake of a new trilogy. But could the new films take inspiration from the already established EU? Could some of the rumoured actors attached to casting calls be playing some of our favourites in the written world of our favourite galaxy? These are 6 actors that have been rumoured to be attached to the new Star Wars trilogy and whom they could play from the expanded universe...

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