Star Wars: 8 Ways The Rise Of Skywalker Sets Up Episode 10

7. Uncovering Jannah's Past

Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker Finn the Force

Right at the end of the film, there's a pretty odd scene in which Jannah and Lando have a brief exchange about their history.

When the Final Order's fleet is destroyed and everyone regroups back at the Resistance's base, Jannah walks over to Lando and asks him where he's from. He replies "Gold system", before asking her the same question, to which she says "I don't know". Lando then smiles, and says that they should go and find the answer together.

This feels odd because - in a movie that was meant to be all about endings - the scene was so clearly a setup for a future story. Think about why this moment was written and why it was given a space in the finale of the film. There's definitely intent here.

Given how blatantly the scene points to an adventure where Lando and Jannah explore the latter's past, this is easily something that a potential Episode X could include. If not, there are also rumours that the two characters will get a Disney Plus show about this very subject, but whatever happens, they'd better hurry up, because at an extremely ripe 82 years old, Billy Dee Williams ain't getting any younger.


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