Star Wars Episode 7: 5 Actors Who Should Play Jedi

With a new Star Wars film officially announced, fanboys everywhere want to know who will be playing the new batch of Jedi Knights. Since it€™s doubtful that we€™ll see the return of any previous Jedi, the time is ripe for a new set of actors to pick up their lightsabers. Playing a Jedi is a career-making role and doubtless many actors are using everything short of the Force to be cast. But if the new trilogy is to have any chance of redeeming the last one, only the best of the best should be considered. So what makes a good Jedi? It€™s not all just looking good swinging a lightsaber. Previous Jedi like Samuel L. Jackson and Liam Neeson leant just the right amount of badass to their respective roles, while the likes of Mark Hamill and Ewan McGregor were a bit more contained. And there€™s even those Jedi who turned dark. So which actors have what it takes to be Jedi?

5. Idris Elba

The Luther star seems like a no-brainer to play a Jedi. His cool yet powerful presence makes him a force to be reckoned with. Elba would be perfect as an experienced Jedi who is calm and collected until the fighting starts. Then everybody better just stay out of his way. Elba would also be a perfect candidate for a Jedi who prefers using the Force during a fight instead of a lightsaber, staying out of the fray while helping from afar. I can just picture him using the Force to push around huge numbers of attacking soldiers without ever breaking a sweat.
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