Star Wars Episode 7: 7 Reasons Why The Yuuzhan Vong Should Appear

Th extragalactic invaders need to be used in the new sequel trilogy. Here's why...


WARNING: This list will contain spoilers for the Star Wars Expanded Universe's Yuuzhan Vong War and Legacy Of The Force storylines. The question on most Star Wars fans' lips at the moment is "Just what the hell is going on?". Disney and Lucasfilm are doing a shockingly good job of keeping pretty much everything under wraps with almost nothing being confirmed. Which means that almost anything could happen. It also means speculation is still rife and that the number of rumours out there is still higher than a Deathstick addict. Nothing is confirmed but so far all of the available evidence currently points to the Sequel trilogy either being an entirely new story or an adaptation of the Second Galactic Civil with Adam Driver playing Jacen Solo. Even though I'm eagerly anticipating whatever story the Sequel Trilogy will tell, for my money (Which Disney will be getting regardless of what happens. Seriously, I will duel children in the corridors of the cinema to see that film), the best thing to do with the Sequel Trilogy is to include extragalactic invaders the Yuuzhan Vong as the films' antagonists. And this is why...

7. We've Seen Nothing Like Them Before

Yuuzhan Vong Forget the politically motivated wars of the other six films because any storyline focussing on the Yuuzhan Vong would leave all that in the dust. In short, the Vong are lunatics. They're religious fanatics with a strong warrior culture who are completely outside of the Force (they can't even be sensed through it) and who violently reject all technology, relying instead on organisms that can carry out all the tasks they need. Even their body armour is organic and their primary weapon the Amphistaff is a living creature. Another part of their culture is that they revel in being in pain (considering it a way of life) and that ritually mutilating themselves is a point of honour for the Vong. All of that means that if the Yuuzhan Vong were the villains of the Sequel Trilogy, it would help to set the new films and the conflict within them far apart from what has come before since they're religious fanatics hellbent on conquering the universe rather than a force trying to gain or hold onto political power. Every battle in the Star Wars films has been politically motivated at its heart. An adaptation of the Vong War would be a welcome change of pace since they couldn't give a stuff about galactic politics. All they want to do is conquer the galaxy and literally reshape it in their own image As well as that, the Vong's military style is entirely different to what we've previously seen. During their conquest of Coruscant, one of their tactics is using refugee ships full of prisoners as human shields for their battleships and then sending the refugee ships on suicide strikes against Corsucant's planetary shields. You won't catch the Empire pulling a stunt like that. Their biotechnology also makes them incredibly different from the films' other armies which would give the battle scenes a different flavour.

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