Star Wars: Episode 7 - The Journey Begins…

Episode 7 With J.J. Abrams officially confirmed as director for at least the first of three new Star Wars films, many fans will now wait for the May 2015 release date with baited breath. However, a true Star Wars fan knows that there€™s more to it than that. The journey through the prequels have to be considered one of the greatest times in cinema. From 1998-2005 a pattern formed over the three films and if Disney/Lucasfilm really wants to deliver the goods with the new Star Wars Sequels, it makes sense that the build-up to Star Wars: Episode 7 follows much the same path as the Prequels did when it comes to hype and excitement. So lets begin and see just what€™s in store for us as the journey towards Episode 7 begins€


Episode 7 Hamill We have our director. We have our screenplay. So now, and probably more than ever for the Star Wars Saga we€™re awaiting the casting announcements. Will we get Mark Hamill back for an older bearded Luke Skywalker? Will Han and Leia bring Chewbacca along in the Millennium Falcon? Will Lando be working alongside the new order in the galaxy and of course will C-3P0 still be worrying about Master Luke? Really, I want all these answers to these questions to be YES. I think it€™s a safe bet 3P0 and R2 will be along for the ride and out of the batch I think Luke has to be a key role in the return of Star Wars but that€™s the excitement factor here. Star Wars casting will go on for months. Small roles, large roles, the potentially re-casting of classic characters, returning monsters and masked bounty hunters. This will be the stuff that lets us start forming storylines in our heads. This is the stuff where we read between the lines of press releases to work out where we are when we return to the Galaxy Far Far Away and I just can€™t wait.

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