Star Wars Episode 7 To Be Filmed In Scotland?

Star_Wars_Logo_by_JohnnySlowhand-600x300Several outlets have picked up a rumour that Star Wars:Episode VII is to be filmed in Scotland, or parts of it at least. According to a report by The Sun, some of the scenes for the first JJ Abrams directed Star Wars sequel are to be shot in the highlands and the Isle of Skye in Scotland. This would make the Star Wars franchise the latest series to follow this recent location trend, others which have included Skyfall and The Dark Knight Rises. A source told the Sun newspaper:
"Location bosses feel Scotland possesses stunning scenery perfect for movie backdrops. They will look great on the big screen, and the rock formations will replicate the perception of mountainous planets. It will be the first time Star Wars has ever been shot north of the border."
Disney has set the new Star Wars movie for release in 2015, to be followed on with a Star Wars film every year after that (spin-off movies to come in between new entries in this trilogy). We now know that Disney and Toy Story 3 writer Michael Arndt has wrote the script and original cast members (Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill) have all hinted that they may be returning to reprise their roles. Earlier this month, director JJ Abrams revealed to that John Williams is the clear frontrunner to score the new Star Wars movies. This is a no brainer as this man literally invented the soundtrack for the Star Wars Universe in 1977. He has worked with George Lucas many times in the past and has been praised also for his work with Oliver Stone, John Hughes and Steven Spielberg to name but a few. This What Culture article discusses some of composers that could take the helm if Williams doesn't make the cut.
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