Star Wars Episode VII: 5 Perfect Potential Castings

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In a galaxy far, far away... Star Wars VII is hiring, folks! While Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford are expected to reprise their iconic roles in the new iteration of the saga, there are many roles available for the next generation of lightsaber-wielding heroes. J.J Abrams and co. have recently sent out casting breakdowns for seven major roles, to be filled before shooting of the movie starts in the UK later this year. After this bit of news, the question on everyone's mind seems to be: Who could it be? To answer that question, here are my picks for the perfect cast of Star Wars: Episode VII

5. Chloe Grace Moretzchloe_moretz_38484

To Play: Late-teen female, independent, good sense of humor, fit The 16-year old actress might be a few years too young for the part, but she has already shown remarkable action-movie chops in her funny, profance, show-stealing performance as Hit Girl in Kick-Ass. Rumour has it that second-choice Star Wars director Matthew Vaughn's pitch to Disney included Moretz as the protagonist of the sequel, and even though the directing duties ended up in the hands of J.J Abrams, it is possible that she might still be approached for the part. It is very likely that the studio will try to secure their very own Jennifer Lawrence for the budding new saga, and a Katniss-like turn by the young actress would certainly skyrocket her popularity and future bankability, if not outright cement her as one of the brightest young stars in the world. After all, if there is one thing that we learned from Kick-Ass, it's that Moretz can handle herself in a fight.

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