Star Wars Episode VII: Is May 4th Announcement On Its Way?

StarWarsWallpaper1024 Over the past few years, May the 4th has raised its profile as the official day to celebrate all things Star Wars. Whether we get details about Blu-ray releases or the website make the most of the day, the 4th of May has become the day we can use as an excuse to love all things Star Wars. Given we€™re closing in on the force filled fourth, I€™d like to speculate that this is the day that Star Wars Episode VII will take it€™s next bug media fuelled steps. With various Return of the Jedi screenings taking place in America (as well as globally) to celebrate the film€™s 30th anniversary this seems the perfect opportunity for Disney to assemble the returning cast they€™ve decided to bring back and use May the 4th 2013 as the officially start to Episode VII. Ideally, Disney will begin to drop teasers of the big announcement over the next few weeks just to build the anticipation higher but the prospect of having Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher as well as Billy Dee Williams, Kenny Baker, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew and whoever else might be returning appear on stage after a screening of Return of the Jedi somewhere in order to reveal the future of Star Wars seems too good a prospect to miss. As with many elements of Episode VII, this is simple conjecture at this point but something seems to be building in the Disney Star Wars camp. Casting discussions seem to have been sorted out with the returning stars being decidedly coy about the whole thing, the 30th anniversary of Return fo the Jedi is beginning to get more publicised and really it€™s been a fair while since we€™ve had anything concrete about the most anticipated return to cinema that we€™ve had since Star Wars first came back in 1999 with Episode I. 2015 isn€™t really all that far away now and the production of the new Star Wars film has to get fully rolling soon, right? What would you guys want to hear from Disney about Episode VII on May 4th?
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