Star Wars: Han Solo Spin-Off - 8 Things That Will Definitely Happen

Everyone loves Han, and Disney knows it.

Everyone€™s favourite scruffy-looking nerfherder will be going Solo; the next Star Wars spin-off - sorry, Anthology - will be all, about Han.

Ever since it was first revealed that Disney would be releasing standalone films to accompany the new trilogy, the origins of Han Solo has been hotly-rumoured to be the topic of one of them. And now they've confirmed the news, with the added bonus being that Christopher Miller and Phil Lord - probably the best (and smartest) comedy directors in Hollywood right now - will be behind the camera for the movie.

It€™s due for release on 25th May 2018, meaning we€™re in for a fair bit of speculation around the film, first up who will be taking the keys to the Millennium Falcon from Harrison Ford. Chris Pratt's the obvious suggestion (in the words of Meryn Trant: €œtoo old.€) and names like Taron Egerton and Miles Teller also being bandied about.

Similarly, there€™s going to be a lot of talk as to what the film is going to be about, as there should be plenty of Han€™s backstory that they can explore that would be great to see play out on screen. Here€™s a look at the events it will definitely cover.


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