Star Wars: How Well Do You Remember The Release Dates - Quiz

A franchise with more depth and lore than most, but how well do you remeber when it all came to be?


Star Wars is the biggest franchise in the world and has dominated lives for over forty years now. It has spawned eleven theatrically released films, multiple animated TV shows, video games, comics, books and more and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

But how well do you remember when it was all released? Do you remember seeing one of the films in cinema? Or buying a video game the day it came out? Do you remember that feeling in your stomach as you counted down the days to get your hands or eyes on the newest piece to the Star Wars puzzle?

NOTE: This quiz relates to first worldwide release, for example most theatrical Star Wars films were released in the US first before the UK, in those instances it will be the US release date the question asks you for.

1. When Was A New Hope Released?


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