Star Wars: John Boyega Urges Fans To Do Something Good For May The Fourth

Fight the good fight.

John boyega Star Wars

As every Star Wars fan now knows, May the 4th should be an international holiday. Celebrating the greatest sci-fi franchise of all time deserves some time off, after all.

But for John Boyega, it's important to do something even more important. He's urging fans to use the Force for good by downloading the DreamLab app and helping in the fight against cancer while you sleep.

The crowdsource app, which has been developed by Vodafone Foundation and Imperial College London harnesses the processing power of users’ mobile phones overnight as they sleep, in order to drastically reduce the time required to analyse the vast amount of cancer research data.


Using a single computer for the necessary research into cancer treatment would take 300 years, according to the news, but with100,000 phones it would take just three months. So make yourself a hero and use your phone's power to help break down the vast data being analysed in the good fight against cancer. That will allow all of the health data that is being collated around the world to actualy be used.

And it's not like you'd even have to actively do anything to potentially help future generations. It shouldn't even be a question.


To download the app please search for DreamLab in the App store for iOS or Play Store for Android.

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